Design, Build, Transform


What would happen if:

You design something that is not only practical, but it also protects the environment, reduces waste, and saves resources?

Your creation is so clever and innovative that it is built and actually used?

Your creation goes viral, and the design is shared, improved and produced?

The Transforma Challenge

  • Create a box that transforms into another useful object
  • Create a box that can easily be repaired and broken parts can be replaced
  • Create a box that can be customized to your requirements
  • Create a box that conforms to the principles of Circular Economy

The big challenge

What is the Transforma Challenge?

Create a box that transforms into another useful object such as a birdhouse, a mini football, a mobile phone loudspeaker . . . let your imagination run wild.

Create a box that can easily be repaired and worn or broken parts can be replaced. The box should have exchangeable and replaceable parts.

Create a box that can adapt. For example, the box can be made bigger  . . . or smaller. Or if you want to change what you put inside the box, it can be customized to suit your needs.

Create a box that conforms to the principles of Circular Economy and helps protect the planet with a long-lasting design that retains as much value as possible from the parts and materials used to build it.

The Goal of the Transforma Challenge

Conceive, design, and build your own Transforma box.

All boxes will be presented online and shared in the media. Will your box catch the attention of the public and be liked or downloaded by many people?

The best, most creative, and craziest designs will be presented at a large public event. A jury will select the best Transforma boxes. Will your design win a prize?

Some Transforma boxes will be produced and made available to other students. Will your Transforma box be used by hundreds of people?


Part of the Transforma Challenge is to teach people about Circular Economy and the idea that we can achieve real environmental protection with intelligent product design. It is a new way of thinking for many people, so here are the rules:

CriteriaExplanation / Additional information
The box must be reparableIndividual parts must be interchangeable and replaceable
The box must  transforme into something else (Transforma)Your invention must be more than just a box: it must have another purpose, and it should last a long time.
The box must be modularUsers should be able to upgrade or downgrade the box as they need
Use only wood

The wood must be certified ( FSC / PEFC)

You may use only renewable and 100% compostable materials to build your box
Please ask if necessary
Use only natural and soluble gluesSome glues contain toxins that cause problems for people and the environment. We can help you select a glue: ask us!
No nails or adhesivesThese usually cannot be reused and will make it impossible to repair your box
No synthetic paint, varnishThese do not biodegrade easily. There are natural alternatives Please ask us
You must produce two prototypes: the box and the transformed boxThis way the jury can judge your Transforma design.
Explain your designProvide the judges and users with instructions ( Photo/Video/Text) so they know how to transform your box.
All participants must submit plans for their Transforma boxes as vectorised PDF files in advance.At least one ballpoint pen should fit inside your Transforma box.

All participants should be prepared to present their Transforma box at an exhibition in May 2019.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

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( Once registered you have time to submit your invention before 30th April 2019)

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