Circular Economy

What is Circular Economy ?

Circular Economy (lëtz.: „Kreeslafwirtschaft“) is a keyword, which stands for a specific business model. But what does it exactly mean? In opposition to the linear business model, in which there is a clear starting point (production) and a ending point (disposal), circular economy is a closed circuit without an end because the “disposal” triggers another “production” cycle.  To get more information, have a look at these two short videos.

How does your Transforma matches with Circular Economy?

Your Transforma is made out of wood which originates from sustainable forests. As your Transforma has been curated from a piece of wood free from toxic chemicals, it can be re-introduced into nature, without harming the environment. Wood can be composted and be integrated again in the natural cycle to growth new wood.


Your Transforma can be repaired, extended or modified and does not have to been thrown away when a pieces break. You extent your product’s lifecycle and help to protect valuable resources.

Your Transforma can always again be transformed into a new object. Through this transformation the use of the invention will be prolonged. It will not be put out of use if the primary function is no longer needed, but has one or more additional possibilities of use. Through this extension of the product’s lifecycle, resources will not be wasted.

Your invention will be shared with the world, so that it can be used, modified, adjusted and copied. Like you have been inspired by others, you now inspire others with your creation. You create something new and share it with other people. This is how you create real added value.

The inspiration to your own Transforma may come from all over the world, but your Transforma has been and will always be produced locally. Transforma unites the advantages of the digital and analogue world. Through this interaction you reduce unnecessary transport, you support the local community and the regional economy and you help to appreciate local resources.

“Turning global bits into local atoms”

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