Challenges Rules


Part of the Transforma Challenge is to teach people about Circular Economy and the idea that we can achieve real environmental protection with intelligent product design. It is a new way of thinking for many people, so here are the rules:



The box must be reparable

Individual parts must be interchangeable and replaceable

The box must transform into something else (Transforma)

Your invention must be more than just a box: it must have another purpose, and it should last a long time.

Use only wood The wood must be certified ( FSC / PEFC)

You may use only renewable and 100% compostable
materials to build your box. Please ask if necessary

Use only natural and soluble glues

Some glues contain toxins that cause problems for people and the environment. We can help you select a glue: ask us!

No nails or adhesives

These usually cannot be reused and will make it impossible to repair your box

No synthetic paint, varnish

These do not biodegrade easily. There are natural alternatives Please ask us

You must produce two prototypes: the box and the transformed box

This way the jury can judge your Transforma design

Explain your design

Provide the judges and users with instructions ( Photo/Video/Text) so they know how to transform your box

All participants must submit plans for their Transforma boxes as vectorised PDF files in advance.

At least one ballpoint pen should fit inside your Transforma

All participants should be prepared to present their Transforma box at an exhibition in May 2020.

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